Technoform Bautec

Energy saving starts with Technoform

Energy saving starts with Technoform

For over 40 years, we have been developing innovative systems with high-precision insulating profiles, as well as special solutions for use in aluminium windows, doors and façades.

With Technoform Bautec products we globally save energy amounting to almost 12 billion kilowatt hours per year and thus reduce CO2-emissions considerably. Based on a ten euro-cent cost per kilowatt hour, 1.2 billion € are saved globally which can be put to better use. Every year.


The principle of thermal break

A thermal bridge, is a fundamental of heat transfer where a penetration of the insulation layer by a highly conductive or noninsulating material takes place in the separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building assembly.

Thermal bridging is created when materials with high thermal conductivity come into contact, allowing heat to flow through the path of least thermal resistance.

Insulating an aluminium profile with a material with low thermal conductivity installed between metal components to retard the passage of heat through a window assembly, called Thermal Break.

The principle of thermal break


The benefits of polyamide thermal break strips

The benefits of polyamide thermal break strips

The use of polyamide is suitable because:

  • it has the similar expansion and contraction rate to that of aluminum

  • it has a low thermal transmittance coefficient, 0.3 W/m2K (500 times lower than aluminium)

  • its high impact resistance and structural strength due to 25% glass fiber content

  • it has a high melting temperature point , which allows coatings

  • it is inert to most of the chemical agents

  • it has a high resistance to corrosion

  • it allows production of by-color aluminium profiles

See Material Datasheet and Safety Datasheet